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Since 2007, Paddle Core Fitness is the only core and strength paddleboard workout in the Pacific. Based out of Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu, these flat-water training grounds has proven to be one of the most consistent places to get on the water and build a solid core, through fitness by paddling.  


Started on a concept by Reid Inouye, publisher of Standup Paddle Magazine and Samata—a paddleboard magazine for women, the Paddle Core Fitness program has gotten over 10,000 residents and travelers to understand the concept of a 'fun via fitness' on water.  


PCF also have an indoor paddle workout program utilizing low-impact ergo machines by the makers of Kayak Pro, the official indoor trainers for the UK Olympic Kayak team.


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Reid Inouye

Founder, Paddle Core Fitness

Honolulu, Hawaii

A surfer since he was 13 years-old, Reid has an extensive love for the ocean. Through his organizing surf events and training surfers such the likes of Hawaiian world champions Sunny Garcia, Andy Irons, Duane DeSoto, Bonga Perkins, Rusty Keaulana to over 25 years as a surf promoter on all levels of competition, he has seen over a dozen world champions passing through his many surf contests. Barton Lynch, Martin Potter, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater and John Florence, just to name a few. Along the SUP side of racing, one of his top instructors, Candice Appleby is a four-time world champion.

Through the world of paddling, he found new ways to stay stoked on the water and has been involved with all aspects of SUP. Surfing, racing and crossings and ran the first SUP invite contest at Sunset Beach in 2007, finished second in his division in the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu crossing in 2009, as well as won his division of the Rainbow 


Sandals Battle of the Paddle in Doheny Beach, California in 2011. All the while producing his publications, Standup Paddle Magazine and Samata Magazine for women. He has traveled extensively to undiscovered places such as Ko Samet, Thailand, paddled the canal of the Wat Arun temples of Bangkok, paddled and surfed both mainland China and Hainan Island, the rain forest and coast of Costa Rica and war-torn countryside of Nicaragua as well as discovered the red rock canyons of Arizona deep into the heart of Lake Powell, Utah. 


But more than anything, he loves being on the waters of Hawaii and is back after a six-year hiatus publishing magazines and has a good understanding of both the industry of SUP and what is happening globally regarding fitness and where the world of paddleboarding is headed. Says Reid, "If there's anything I am enjoying more it's teaching and training people proper paddle stroke and technique for a more quality and safe workout."

Patrick Higashi

PCF Level 5 Instructor

Ewa Beach, Hawaii


Patrick has been on the water for over 45 years as both a surfer and paddler. Pat has crossed the Molokai Channel several times and over the course of 2006 through 2010 was Paddle Core Fitness’ top instructor. A dedicated and hard working family man, he’s also all about safety while assuring the paddlers he works with, proper stroke technique, fitness, and fun.


Wake up and Workout.


Getting Here:

Located at Ala Moana Beach Park between Lifeguard Towers 1D , we will be paddling out near Tower 1D